Saturday Short Snippets

It’s Saturday and I’m going into creative mode.

Step 1 is building a camera mount for in-car use! Watch this space.


The “send Swade to Sweden” campaign (for The Saab Festival, June 2007) will be kicking off soon. Don’t worry, I’m going to make Donna Summer proud and work hard for the money.

Any ideas welcome in comments.


Here’s a potential marketing coup for Saab….

The city of Berkeley, California has committed to buy a fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles as soon as a car maker actually starts to build some. Berkeley is planning on purchasing 40 plug-in hybrids and follows a previous decision by Marin County to make a similar “soft-order”……Several other Bay Area governments and agencies have also indicated their intentions to purchase plug-in hybrids, including San Francisco, Oakland and Pacific Gas and Electric.

California seems like the perfect place for a bunch of Biopower Plug-In Hybrid Convertibles, doesn’t it? They’ve already built one, why not build a bunch more as a demonstration fleet?

Odds are that Toyota will cash-in and make another big splash, cementing themselves as the environmental darlings, but this is a great opportunity if Saab had the technology production-ready.

Thanks Gripen for the link.


Despite the dodgy accounting methods in the software (count the votes compared to the stated total), it appears that a clear majority wouldn’t mind seeing a 9-7x Aero similar to the one being shown at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Of course it’d have to be a bit more practical with wheels a size that you can actually buy tyres for (without having to sell your children), and turbocharging the i6 motor wouldn’t hurt either.

But done well I think there’s definitely be a market for it.

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  1. So Svade is goink tu Sveden?

    Taking ur cameras pls.

    Mate, Saaby OZ and Queensland and Territorial Air Services should make a donation to your costs!

    Are you you going to visit the safety centre and see all those other manufactueres cars that Saab tested, beside their own? Ask and it will happen mate.

    If your’e routing via Pommy land let me know.

    (If I am not in Melbourne by then)

  2. Sorry all you Ozzies, thats not Territories, but Queensland and Northern Territories Air Services – Longreach Queensland.

    typo erro…

  3. Ahem. Back on topic, shall we?

    Berkeley isn’t exactly that part of California — it’s the heart of San Francisco. It’s more a Birkenstocks, legalize weed, embrace homosexuality, ultra-liberal kind of place. No ‘vert.

  4. To clarify what eggsngrits was getting at (I think):
    Berkeley and the other “Bay Area” governments and agencies who are looking for plug-in hybrids are located in Northern California (known affectionately (or not…) as “NoCal” here in California. Southern California is where you’d want a ‘vert. The Bay Area tends to be chilly and foggy much of the year.

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