SOTW – 9-5 month continues

My own contribution to 9-5 momth is rendering while I type this.

In the meantime, enjoy this 9-5 Saab O The Week pic, from Chris G.

Chris writes as follows:

I love my 9-5. I previously owned a 2003 9-3 sport sedan that I really enjoyed, but the 9-5 blows it away in almost every respect, IMO. Personally, I really like the 2006 ‘refreshing’ that the exterior received, and I think that the 9-5’s body styling has held up quite well over the years. I much prefer it to the bloated look of alot of cars out right now.

Driving wise, I have seen alot of reviews that state the 9-3SS is tighter when driving through curves and such when compared to the 9-5, but I have been very impressed with the 9-5. They’ve done a great job of strengthening the suspension over the years. Additionally, compared to the 175 hp engine in my 9-3, the 9-5’s 260hp stock engine is amazing – I love the way the car accelerates to 60 mph and doesn’t feel like it’s even trying hard yet! The Sport mode on the automatic transmission is outstanding as well. I’ve always owned manual transmission cars in the past, and I was ready to walk away from this car if I didn’t like the auto-box, but the sport mode is so smooth and seems to shift at just the right point. Very impressive.

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  1. Oh. I want a 9-5 sooo bad. Why must they be so expensive?

    Three months and seven day until I get my degree and therefor start making some cash.

  2. All I can say is i’m biased to the older 9-5 styling (comes with owning one, I guess)

    I actually prefer the middle-age styling (MY04-05) the most, but am saddened by the removal of the small touches that make my ’97 so nice to be in.

    What I’d really like is the opportunity to take an Aero for a spin. I live with the 175BHP 2.3 but, while nice enough, I’d love to sample the more powerful versions.

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