SOTW Calendar – November 2006

UPDATE: I’ve added the considerable list of mods to this car. Thanks Steve for sending them on. Scroll down below the photo to check them out.


I’m pleased to provide one of the best SOTW calendars yet.

I’ve been after this picture for some time and finally got the owner to track it down during October.

Steve B is a life member of the Saab Car Club of Australia, puts together the best car club magazine on the planet (no exaggeration) and is a certifiable Saab nut!! He’s made the trek stateside for the last two Saab Owner’s Conventions and this is his pride and joy – his 1988 Saab 900 Aero.

A lot of money’s been invested in this car and it hosts a list of mods as long as your arm including water injection, uprated turbo, modified APC and a bunch of others. Steve’s website is a little behind at the moment but I’ll try and get up to date kms and performance data as well as a summarised list of mods via email.

For the moment, enjoy the calendar in four (count ’em!) glorious sizes.


Click on the image above for the massive 1680 x 1050 pixel version (suitable for 20″ iMac).

Other versions below…..

1440 x 900 pixels – View image

1280 x 800 pixels – View image

1024 x 768 pixels – View image


1988 900 Aero – The Silver Sled

> 305,000km (original engine, two head gaskets, new timing chain)

> Auto to manual conversion in at 235,000km using a 1991 900 Aero gearbox.

> SPG9 Stage 2.5 APC running to 18psi boost

> SPG9 Advance Ignition Diaphragm with timing at 20BTDC

> Mitsubishi TE-05 with 16G Compressor wheel with clipped vanes

> Jak Stoll Performance split 3 inch downpipe from turbo to cat

> Jak Stoll Performance Talon high-flow side mount intercooler

> 8 inch Davies Craig thermo pull fan mounted on reverse side of intercooler with manual switch inside cabin

> Saab C900 1990+ aluminium turbo intercooler ducts

> Stratmosphere Forge Hyperboost By-Pass Valve

> K&N Filtercharger

> Jak Stoll Performance 34 lb injectors (with tweaked AMM)

> Jak Stoll Performance Stage 2 ECU chip

> 3 inch hi flow racing cat

> 2.5 inch exhaust from cat back with dynomax centre hi flow muffler and hi flow rear resonator opening to a 4.5 inch tip

> Aquamist 1S Water Injection using 0.9mm injector

> Aquamist Digital Dash display for Water injection output

> Bosch 3 Bar Fuel pressure regulator

> 16″ x 6.5″ Saab Super Aero rims with Goodyear Revspec Ducaro 205/50/16

> Stock Saab Aero springs and shocks

> Stock Saab Aero Road Handling kit including front and rear sway bars

> Polyair inflatable air bags inside rear springs

> AutoMeter 30″hg to 30psi Boost Guage

> AutoMeter air/fuel ratio guage

> Saab Factory Rear Decor panel

> SaabSavior Short Shifter

> Saab Momo leather steering wheel

> Estimated power out put: 190kW (250hp) at front wheels.

I dynoed it many years ago with only a self tweaked APC and 3.0bar FPR and she put out 125kW at the wheels (stock is 118kw at the crank). I had some serious issues back then with pinging and not enough fuelling – all of which I have now since addressed. My current estimated power output comes from a similar set up Jak Stoll dynoed on a c900 SPG in the USA.

I think thats it! Pheww! I would hate to think how much I have spent on it since owning it. It is a damn fun car though and now incredible to drive! 🙂

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  1. Cheers Steve for making my silver sled the Calendar of the month pic! 🙂 The pic was taken by Ellen Dewar (freelancing photographer for Motor magazine) for when my car appeared in that magazine a while back. There are PDFs of the article on my website for those interested.

    I will email you the list of specs today so you can add that info.


  2. Nice that it’s good to go for the 20’iMac Swade, you should get one.

    Now, can you make on for the 24′ version please……

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