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Given that video is going to be something I want to get more involved with, I’ve set up a new category on the site for original TS videos.

Click here to see all the Trollhattan Videos.


Whilst I’m on the subject, thanks to everyone for your encouragement with the Maptun 9-5 video. It was a great learning exercise and I hope each one gets better as time goes on. The next one is already lined up and will be shot next week.

One of the problems (and frustrations) of doing this sort of thing is the loss of quality once you load it up to Youtube or Google. It’s great for being able to share stuff on-site, but the quality really suffers as a result.

So…….Once I build up a stock of decent footage I’m going to offer them packaged together as el-cheapo DVD’s. They’ll cost just a few bucks each plus postage.

The idea behind this is primarily as a point of interest for clubs or other groups that might find it interesting.


Enough about that bizzo….

I found it quite interesting when I showed the 2004 Saab 9-5 video the other day that there was quite a lot of support for the “State of Independence” slogan. It always struck me as quite relevant but too market specific and maybe even cliquey (the market-specific bit was fine because as far as I know it was mainly used just in the US).

I’ve always been a “Move Your Mind” guy, myself.

The thing about “Move Your Mind” and the “State of Independence” is that we, as Saab owners, understand them. As the Saab Car Club of Australia are fond of saying:

“We know that to drive a Saab is to be free, unconventional and individual…
Mainstream, who needs it!”

I guess the reasoning behind “Born From Jets” is that it’s something that non-Saab owners can understand. If they don’t know the car then they don’t understand how good it is to be outside of the mainstream – to be in a car that’s really been designed with the driver in mind.

But they can link jets and cars as machines and make the mental leap toward the notion that the car could be cool by association. Saab USA tell us that the campaign’s going great. I hope they’re right.


Finally, a photo. I know it’s turned into 9-5 month here, but this is close, being a 95.

This one was spotted by local guy and multiple Saab owner, Drew B. It’s just bleedin’ amazing. Until a few months ago we were of the opinion that there were only 2 Saab 95s in Australia.

Drew found and purchased the third we’d heard of a few weeks ago, and then spotted this on a recent trip interstate. I wonder what else is hanging around that we don’t know about?


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  1. Damm shame that 95 wagon is rusting away, Drew B and i were just shaking our heads..

    it will take a lot of $$ to get it moving

    Such a shame


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