Swedish sales data – October 2006

Sales were down in Sweden for October. The top 11 cars by volume for 2006 were all down in October, so Saab wasn’t alone.

The Saab 9-5 (ranked 2 in Swedish sales) was down a fairly prominent 32.93%, selling 1,228 units in October 2006 compared with 1,831 for same month in 2005. There are problems in Sweden at the moment as the price of E85 has risen to make it comparable to running the car on gasoline. Jan-Ake Jonsson expressed these concerns in an interview last month. Obviously it’s having some impact as the Biopower version has been the 9-5’s big drawcard.

The Saab 9-3 (ranked 4 in Swedish sales) was also down, but only by 6.36%. Saab sold 1,030 units in October 2006 against 1,100 for the same month in 2005. The 9-3 actually outsold the 3rd ranked vehicle, the Volvo V50, during October, however rankings are based on annual aggregate sales.

A down month, but in line with the market. Here’s hoping things pick up in November and December so that Saab can hit that record they’re after.

The 9-5 is still up 25.84% for the year so far.

The 9-3 is up 32.59%.

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  1. I’d be dissapointed if the reason for sales dropping was an increase in the price of E85. The 9-5 isn’t a cheap car no matter where it’s bought or what variant it is. I hoped the E85 powered 9-5 was selling well in Sweden more due to enviromental concerns rather than a minor difference in fuel costs.

  2. There are talks from the newly elected government about a bigger tax reduction when buying an environmentally friendly car. Maybe people are waiting for this decision…

  3. One reason for the 9-5 being down could be that many are waiting for the 210hp Biopower that’s yet to start being delivered.
    I highly doubt that the 9-5 are selling because of the enviromental reasons here, it’s the combination of doing alittle less damage to the enviroment and getting cheaper transportation that lays behind the success of the Biopower so far. Most 9-5’s that are sold in sweden are company cars and with a biopower you get a 20% deduction monthly cost of the car…

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