Tuesday Night Quick Snippets

Only three more comments to go until we get to #7,000.


That fatal accident with the deer that I mentioned last night was quite a bit more gruesome than initial reports suggested:

The 38-year-old was taking his wife and two young sons home from a party when the 14 stone fallow deer strayed into the road.

It was hit by a Saab and sliced in two. Half the animal ricocheted off the Saab’s bonnet, flew through the air and smashed through the windscreen of the dad’s Ford Focus C-Max.

It bounced over the heads of the two boys, aged six and 18-months sitting in the back, and landed in the boot.



For Aussie visitors to the site, there’s a reasonable looking 900 Aero on Ebay. Bids are starting at $2,000 but it needs a little work.


I’m thinking that a car like this could be in the wings as a Trollhattan Saab project late next year.


I took my Viggen to the 9-5 SportCombi video shoot around 10 days ago. This is one of the photos from that day. Geez, I love my car (and the job Drew did on the wheels).

By Stu, the lens genius.


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  1. Aus$2000? That’s only about US$1500. Where’s my checkbook????

    Friggin’ great-looking Aero, great color, grey interior (bonus!), new-ish tires and all it needs is a windshield, clutch and a ball joint?

    Project car? That’s a friggin’ daily driver right there!! Someone buy that car or I’m gonna have a stroke right here, right now!!

    PS — And it’s an ’88 model! The ‘best of the breed’ (like mine!). 16V engine, rear handbrake and airbags but no ABS! ARGGHHH! Someone buy it!

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