UK Saab sales – October 2006

YTD Saab sales in the UK have fallen behind last year’s numbers and I think I’m right in saying that it’s the first time in 2006 that they’ve been behind on a year-to-date basis.

Saab dropped 10% in October 2006 compared to October 2005, selling 1,593 units this month compared to 1,771 in the same month last year.

It seems that the US market were the only ones up this month, primarily due to the starvation diet enforced in 2005 by the employee pricing for everyone scheme.

The UK had a record year last year, so attaining a number close to last year’s would be a reasonable result, although I’m sure Saab would prefer records in just about every market for the next few years!

As you can see from the Department of Charts and Graphs below, monthly sales in 2006 have consistently dipped below 2005 levels in the latter half of this year. They’re only 101 units behind last year’s record levels, however, so there’s hope yet for a strong finish.


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  1. Just some small news snippets I saw today.

    Volvo is doing a big push with Ethanol cars. Among other things, the small C30 will get a 5-cylinder engine for gas and E85.

    France is going to have 500 E85 stations next year, according to the French government. Big market…

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