US Saab sales – October 2006

US sales data for October is in and I think it’s time to put the “matching 2005 sales” goal to bed. Look it up at

Saab sold 2,731 vehicles in October 2006, which was a whopping 112% improvement on the same month last year…..BUT…..October 2005 was Saab’s worst month of 2005 and came on the back of the employee pricing firesale that cleared stocks and buyers for most of the back end of 2005.

I said last month that Saab needed to move about 3,500 vehicles per month for October, November and December in order to match the 2005 sales total. This month’s result, whilst being a decent one, is about 800 short of what’s needed in order to reach that goal.

Sales for each model were as follows:

Saab 9-2x: 143 units sold (15 in 2005)

Saab 9-3: 1,926 units sold (1,051 in 2005)

Saab 9-5: 355 units sold (202 in 2005)

Saab 9-7x: 307 units sold (72 in 2005)

The encouraging figure here is continued strong sales of the 9-3, which should now be taking orders for the 2007 model.

Concerns include the continuing demise of the 9-5 and the continued (recent) drop in sales of the 9-7x, which was relegated to third best-selling model for a month for the first time this year.

Some of this slow down is seasonal of course and 112% is a good thing in anyone’s language, but November and December will need to see some activity for Saab USA just to stay within the 5% – 10% range of 2005’s total sales figures.

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  1. So…

    the 9-5 is colder than Dolly Parton in Alaska. Dop of 25% to september. Wounder how the SUV market in general went?

    Good with the 9-3 thou, eventhou considering the size of the country, there is room for more.

    Hopefully SAAB can survive for 8 months until the facelift comes, and hopefully the 9-5 will be presented in a year…

  2. I note that even in the face of the onset of winter – which means snow in Saab-friendly New England states, the old (but great) 9-5 outsold the utilitarian Chevy 4X4. That says something, I think.

  3. no inventory on 9-7X models. 9-5 is cold but first there was no inventory, then no real (like previous years) incentives, and lastly….absolutely no advertising for that nameplate. Rather than “born form jets” it was more like “stillborn”…too bad awesome automobile….

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