Wombats in a 9-5!

A few weeks ago I got all carried away with the 9-5 and how it’s washed up and blah blah blah. Truth be told it was a little over the top but I maintain my over all position: As good as the 9-5 is, the market is demanding a new car in this class from Saab.

The important bit of that last sentence is “As good as the 9-5 is”. Because whilst its competition has moved on in some areas, the 9-5 is still a very good piece of machinery.

Whilst on my recent visit to Sydney I had the chance to take a new 9-5 Aero for a spin. I was with Brendan B, chairman of the NSW branch of the car club and we only had a short time with the car so we were really looking to give it a bit of welly and see what a 260hp Saab feels like.

Needless to say it was memorable. The car was very aggressive when provoked and your average joe would have a very hard time figuring out exactly what was underneath the hood. The 9-5 is still one heck of a good ride. Once you’re in it you can rest assured that you’re going to be entertained.

This road test, from Web Wombat, addresses the Linear version of the same vehicle. And despite the ageing of the car and the love-it-or-hate-it styling, our author still manages to find that magnetic attraction that Saabs hold for so many of us.


I don’t get to drive many base models for Web Wombat, but any reservations I had about steering Saab’s latest were dismissed by a great car with excellent engineering underneath. The suspension system gives the car a nice supple feel where it counts, but is adaptable enough to be able to deal with spirited driving if the occasion arises.

This quirky Swedish car manufacturer may not have the expansive model range of its entrenched European competitors, but Saab has never been a conformist company (even when GM bought it out), and it’s good to drive something a little different in today’s carbon-copy world of new vehicle design. It may not be to everyone’s liking, but it sure does stand out in the crowd. The new look won me over by the time we parted and, all in all, I think it’s a fitting finale for what has been a very successful model series for the Swedes.

That’s the conclusion. I’ll let you go read the whole thing yourselves. It’s a worthwhile and well written piece. If you’re considering a 9-5 then this is the next best thing to a test drive (but go drive it anyway, you’ll be hooked).

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  1. My 07 9.5 Aero has just about 800 miles on it, but it’s enough to prove to me that I chose wisely. Alot of people can’t get past the sort of 90s retro styling, but I like it. I’m sure flying wedges are on their way, as these things tend to cycle, but this shape is functional and classic, in my view. As for the car, it rocks, for $36,000US. I highly recommend the Aero suspension tuning and seats over the base model. Saab has smoothed so many problems I’ve experienced with other Saabs I’ve owned. The Audis and Bimmers and Mercedes are ubiquitous in Colorado; I like being different and a lot of those car owners are loving my 9-5. In my mind, the engineering and build is of a higher quality than my other Saabs. New design beside, I’d rather have the proven engine and build. And a great value at about $15,000 less than the aforementioned competitors.

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