9000 Limo for sale

How about this? A Saab 9000 stretch limo for sale in the UK.

Yours for only GBP5,000!

It’s fully equipped in the front, although there’s no word in the ad about the level of luxury in the back. I’m sure SaabKen could be a potential buyer for this, though he’d be torn about whether to ride in the back or chauffeur SaabKen Jr and Mrs SK around for the little tacker’s playdates.


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  1. Thats is a BEAUTY!.. hmm. wondering how much it will cost to transport it overseas to Finland?

    I guess it’s with the 2.3l turbo engine. So power will not be an issue. And consumption… well who cares if u have one a car like that…

    That car totally turns me on

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