9-4x targetted already

I’ve had a few people email me this story today. One of the emails was headed “memo to GM – its called investment & product development”.


Actually, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The other potential heading is memo to Saab – sneak peaks create enthusiasm and expectation.

The story relates to Ovlov releasing some advance photos of a car they’ll unveil at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit early next year. It’s the XC60, a smaller brother to America’s favourite block-o-flats, the XC90.


All we’ve seen of the 9-4x so far is a brief look at a sketch that was shown to attendees of the Saab Owner’s Conference in the USA back in August. As it was shown at the conference, I emailed Saab USA to see if I could obtain a copy of the image to show on the site.

Red light.

As I said, a good design creates some excitement and anticipation for a coming model. You don’t let all your cats out of the bag, but whet the appetite a little.

This Volvo’s not due until 2009, quite possibly after the 9-4x, but we’ve not only got these photos, but we’ll see an actual concept for the model quite soon. With the mega-success of the recent C30 release, Ovlov’s making some real grounds in the PR area.

As Tobias points out, the interior use of glass and displays bears a passing resemblance to something we’ve seen before.


Volvo’s are about as interesting to me as wet paint. But Volvo and VW are getting right into Saab’s market share here in Australia.

Here’s hoping that when the 9-4x comes it’s as great as a Saab can be. I have every confidence that it can be if Saab’s designers are let loose.

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  1. This is a stunning concept. Autoweek.com has ome more pictures. This will sell very well in the USA and Europe. The interior is especially well done. SAAB needs to get the 9-4X by MY2009 or risk falling further behind.

  2. re the 9-4x, it, like all future saabs, needs to a) look pure swedish, not just “muted” swedish; and 2) not be bashful about performance, especially off the line, not 4 blocks later.

  3. Agree 100% with Frank A and saab9x above.

    Start taking a closer look at the latest Ford models and compare them to the latest ovloV models. The styling is not a million miles apart.

    Ford or GM?
    Volvo or Saab?

    who’s the underdog? Can’t help thinking it is the the latter on each occasion. GM has demonstrated with both the 9-7X and the 9-2X that they are only into short-term badge-engineering rather than proper product development like Ford appears to do with ovloV.

    Anyway, we should have a Subaru B9 Tribeca with a Saab nose on the front of it soon. Oh no we won’t, oh yes we will, oh no we won’t. It’s that time of year again. GM needs a genie in a lamp to get out of this pantomime farce that it currently has with the future of Saab.

  4. i have to admit, the i’m starting to get a real taste for Volvo design… and I can’t wait to test drive a C30. that concept looks great, the dash is amazing.

    yes, Ford and Volvo are starting to morph into each other’s styling bin, but i’d vouch that its Volvo improving Ford’s image… whereas GM has simply been sullying Saab’s image.

    how much do you reckon we could buy Saab for? time to pass the hat around…

  5. Yet again Volvo under Ford is proving that they are going places and have a line up to compete. Unless Saab is allowed to match, the brand will continue to be the underdog in to perpetuity. I will be on the market in 07 to replace one of my Aeros and quite frankly Saab is set to loose the No 1 spot in my heart unless my tests go radically wrong and Saab proves to be worthy of another renewal. At present the brand is not showing anything new other than the Areo X. Comments from visitors at the Motor Show invariably suggested how great this car is but how “boring and limited is the line up”. No wonder when all we have been getting is re-work after rework. Only the combi and the superb new V6 in 3-4 years or so. A reality checks I am afraid.

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