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I wrote a post here the other day about some Saab Christmas gift ideas and I’m pleased to say that John at Elkparts has extended a special offer for Trollhattan Saab vistors on one of the items.


It’s my understanding that this book is being given to new vehicle owners. How much longer that’s going on for, I’m unsure. If you’re not purchasing a new vehicle, then the only way to get one is to buy it and Elkparts have an exclusive hold on all the English-language versions.

I’ve had this book in my collection for a few months now and it really is worth adding to yours if you want to get a modern insight into Saab and the culture behind the company.

The photography is magnificent and there’s plenty of it. Saab have always used understated yet emotive photography and this book features many of the images we’ve seen before as well as a bunch of new ones.

There’s a history of the company, sections on tubocharging, Saab’s green philosophy and their many innovations. There’s the key-in-the-middle thing (no knees mentioned), pages on racing and various interesting snippets like this one:

When you ramp up production for a new car model, lots of things can happen. Like quality issues. Or production glitches. Which is why it’s so important to check each and every model that leaves the assembly line. This is something Saab takes seriously, and even personally.

In the fall of 1996 our Quality Director was so keen on upholding out standards that he slept at the plant in his sleeping bag. He did this in order to be able to test the steering and handling of the cars as they left the plant. He lived in the factory for two weeks straight, with meals bought in by the maintenance staff.

This really is a great read and a worthwhile addition to your collection. It’s a softcover book of 168 pages in full colour. It’ll even teach you how to tie your necktie (p.63), right after you have a look at a handful of ‘shape of things to come’ sketches (pp. 60-61).

The good news is that Elkparts are going to extend a special offer for visitors to Trollhattan Saab.

From John’s email to me:

Our special offer price expires at the end of the weekend, but readers of your website can obtain it for GBP 9.99 if they type ‘Trollhattansaab.net offer at GBP 9.99’ in the additional order info box … we can keep that price for readers of your blog.

Thanks, John, for the support and the offer.

If someone in your family is struggling to find something to get you for Christmas, then send them this link. You won’t be disappointed and for 10 quid, they won’t be mad at you.

Click for the Elkparts link.

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  1. Tip…

    At Saab’s Swedish homepage, you can now buy a set of three older books for (only) 179 SEK. They are:

    “Saab 50 år på väg” by Eric Dymock – (192 pages) published 1997

    “Saab 9-5 – En personlig historia” by Anders Tunberg (144 pages) published 1997

    “En helt ny sportig sedan – Saab 9-3 SportSedan” by Anders Tunberg (144 pages) published 2002

  2. Hi First off. Love the website…I am

    on all the time. I am about to go and look at a 1990 Saab 900 turbo (Red)

    with 130,000 km( I am in Canada )on the Odometer. The lady has replaced the axles for $1500.00 That is all she wants for the car. She has told me it is in great shape, New tires are needed but Clutch , engine are question marks at this time. I am very curious I will keep you posted…my wife is not thrilled about the possible purchase

    but that has never stopped me before. Cheers Dan Ryan

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