Anniversary Saabs at LA Show

The following pics came in from Saab USA this morning. They’re two of the the 60th Anniversary Editions currently on display in Los Angeles at the motor show there.

As mentioned earlier in the week, the Aero-X has also made a surprise appearance in LA, so if you’re in the neighborhood then get your butt to the show and check it out.

Click to enlarge.





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  1. Something I just remembered looking at these pictures: a fellow SoCal SAAB Club member really liked the color of the 9-3 Aero (not pictured above) and wondered what the color is. We went to that clear acrylic tower seen in the picture above in front of the 9-5 where every paint color has its own globe. We didn’t see that color there so we asked an employee. He admitted that the colors in the acrylic tower are from 2004, so some of the colors aren’t included!!! Come on, SAABUSA! Between the unknowlegable staff and no presenter for the AeroX, *I* could run this show better!

  2. This has nothing to do with LA show. I read an article in a swedish newspaper today about the Swedish Royal family. Even though the Royal family drives many different cars Saab is the only car firm that can call themself Royal Warrant Holder and therefore use the following sign.

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