Another missing Saab owner

Many of you will already know about the tragic death of James Kim last week. He passed away whilst trying to get help for his family, who were stranded in their 9-2x in Oregon.

I received this email from TS regular, 1985 Gripen:

There’s a guy who’s been missing for four days now mysteriously here in the mountains of Southern California. His name is David Boone. His car and mountain bike are at home and his wallet and keys are as well. It’s speculated he went hiking behind his house in a wilderness area he liked to frequent. However, this is the same area where a couple of mountain bikers were mauled by a mountain lion a few years back so it’s not advised you hike there alone. He’s an avid hiker and hiked there a lot reportedly.

Well, here’s the kicker: I just got a call from a co-organizer of the SoCal SAAB Club: this is one of our members. David Boone showed up to a couple of our Club’s first get-togethers a couple years ago, even bringing his son to one of them. The guy that called me today told me he thinks he remembers David owning a red 9000 Anniversary Edition. We haven’t seen him since, but the article in the L.A. Times states that he separated from his wife a couple years ago, so maybe that’s why he stopped coming to Club events.

Here’s hoping Mr Boone is safe and well, and just out of touch. Our thoughts are with his family and our hopes are that he makes it back soon. Below are a couple of pictures of him and his 9000 Anniversary model.



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  1. I’m a friend of one of David’s sons. The family is organizing a search party for David on Friday Dec. 15 @ 630am. If anyone can spread the word or help the search, it would be an amazing favor to the Boone’s. The following info can also be found at my

    630. Friday morning.

    Walmart parking lot.

    26502 Town Centre Drive.

    Foothill Ranch, CA. 92610.

    We will be walking thru bushes and fields.

    Anyone else you can bring will be helpful.

    Thank you.

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