Thanks to Jacek for dropping the following in comments….

A small Christmas present for all of us SAAB freaks.

Today SAAB had his man on space-walk,not only because Mr.Christer Fuglesang is from Sweden but also a SAAB driver, in fact he just purchased here in Houston his red 9-3. As you can imagine we did European delivery!!!!

According to Mr Fuglesang EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY doesn’t pay as much as NASA so he got 9-3 2.0, not an AERO 😉

But at least it was a sport-combi 😉

Great stuff.

A few pics of Mr Fuglesang below:


And here’s one of of a weightless Fuglesang looking up Trollhattan Saab on his laptop (ahhhhh, if only – I’d love to see how that looked on the locations section of my stats program!)


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  1. Forget Born From Jets …… this makes it Born From Space ! Saabers were always different than the rest of the world.

    Cool news Swade.

  2. Nice, but to be honest he just owns a Saab. Nothing more special to it than which car Neil Armstrong owned…

    If he had been supported by Saab it’s another story.

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