Awesome 9-5 video

I could watch this again and again – and I don”t understand a word of German.

These guys fling a 9-5 Aero wagon around their test track like it’s a sports car, and it seems to fare pretty well, too.

I’d guess it’s at least 3 or 4 years old, but well worth 4 minutes of your time. Translations of important bits would be welcome in comments, and I’ll post them to this front section after I catch some Z’s (i.e. sleep).

Great stuff. I know from my own recent experience in a 9-5 Aero wagon (link to video) that these babies can absolutely hammer when required. It’s good to see some more recognition for it. All you 9-5 wagon owners (hi, Olav): get thee to the track!

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  1. WOW! Swade, this is my first post. Absolutely love the site, it’s my first read in the AM, even before e-mail! 😉 What an amazing video, especially the end where it’s half off the ground. Reminds me of an old VW Rabbit GTI (here in the U.S. anyway) commercial from the ’80s. Keep up the great work!

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