I may be busy, but not too busy to report on this one….

I’ve just received an invite to the Saab BioPower and Diesel launches for Australia, which will be a combined event in Queensland next month. The launch will be held at the Holden Performance Driving Centre, which should give all those gathered a good opportunity to push the envelope a little.

Woohoo! E85, Diesel and all the bananas you can eat!

Book it.


And of course, my undying thanks to the folks at Saab Oz for recognising new media and the possibilities it offers for sharing their message with their consumers.

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  1. I’m expecting great reads…

    “Book it”. I’m laughing because a local sports radio broadcaster now uses that term to indicate the reverse of the true meaning. All of his football predictions ended with a ‘sure fire winner’ after which he said ‘Book it’ emphatically. After his record really went south, ‘Book it’ came to be a self-effacing term of uncertainty and doubt. In his defense, he would only choose the toughest games to handicap each week, but it was amazing how wrong he was for a couple of years!

    Book it.

  2. A great piece of news all round.

    Don’t forget your passport, gold bracelet & white loafers swade.

    You probably should change your name to Suede just for that week as a tip of the hat to Qld.

    PS – can you define “launch” please? Is the Biopower 95 actually going on sale?

  3. Well done Swade, the recognition is just as important as the experience.

    I believe from your original report about this event that there will be some Vector Sportcombi action on the day as well.

  4. PT, it is a launch for Biopower, which they’re going to sell here – I’d say as a symbolic gesture to get the discussion rolling on E85. Given the potential for manufacture in Qld they most likely see it as an open door. Hence the Biopower car in the Qld govt fleet.

    Turbin, I’m not sure now about the Vector Combis as this event has just changed in nature. Originally there was going to be a separate launch for the diesels in the Barossa Valley and the brisbane gig was going to be Biopower with the Vector Combis acting as transport. Given that they’ve combined the diesel and BioPower launches I’m unsure as to whether the Combis will still be making an appearance as well. I really hope they do.

    And Richo, you know I’d like nothing more than to be able to get you a spot here, but I don’t think I can push the relationship with Saab Oz that far. This was an act of unexpected generosity as is.

  5. What’s this about “unexpected generosity” huh??

    As far as I can see Saab Oz places scant few ads in publications. Anybody being invited to a media day are virtually expected to plug Saab for free through reviews and press releases.

    TS is no different and should expect invites to these things. Anybody researching Saab on the web is going to hit TS sooner rather than later.

    There’s nothing like preaching by the converted!

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