Color Lineup

Another reason it’s handy to have a good relationship with your local dealer:

When they clean out their dealership to move to new premises you get a chance to pick up some redundant goodies, like these color samples that are now discontinued. Click to enlarge.


I’m off for our car club’s final event of the year, our Christmas Rallye/Scavenger Hunt. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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  1. Incredibly good work there, Peter. The only error was Steel Grey, which was actually Hazelnut, but given the lack of light and distance from the camera that was pretty close.

    Great stuff!

  2. I liked Hazelnut.but it sold like polonium 210 Sushi here in Hobart.
    I think we sold 2 and they were both 95 wagons.One of wich is an 04/05 aero up in Launceston.Very Very nice, maybee my future fudge cartage vehicle.
    How was the day Steve?
    Good turout what what
    Sorry i couldn,t make it but as you know every Sunday is Fudge day at my place.300Kg today i’ve never packed so much fudge in my life.Like a Sunday afternoon at George Michaels place. 🙂

  3. It was a great day, Matt. A smaller turnout than expected but still enjoyed by all. Ben put together a great course, albeit a little longer than expected (last finisher was 5 hrs!! But they did stop for some munchies).

    “Freedom…you gotta give what you take…” G. Michael

  4. Hazlenut Mica Metallic was a cracking colour – looked great on the 9-5. Shame everyone wants silver/grey/black.

    Take a look at the 9-3 Sport Combi brochure and all the coloUrs are dull, dull, dull. 🙁

    I quite like parchment silver ….metallic beige if you will 🙂 (Now where is my cardigan?)

  5. Hazlenut – a much underated 9-5 colour. All dealer demo cars here are: silver, frost silver, black. The rarities are Merlot, Chilli red and Hazelnut.

    This week has seen teh anniversary silver blue cars hit dealerships – really nice -not too blue. New alloys and seat trims are top stuff.

    If you can sight a 9-5 wagon with sand leather on ALU 36 wheels (or the 17 inch vaned jobs) with a rear roof spoiler and privacy glass, it looks fantastic.

    Thinks, what about repsraying a 900 classic in Hazelnut- or Cosmic blue- anyone done it?

  6. yeah, sorry about the length of the course Swade… obviously when I said “it’s not a real rallye, obey the road rules” everyone took me seriously and drove like old dods on a Sunday drive!

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