Damascus Road (Pt 2)


I reckon there’s a good chance that a few people will notice Saab for the first time when they see a 1989 Saab 900 SPG on display at the Detroit Auto Show next month. It’ll have a banner on it proclaiming that it travelled a million miles. They’ll check out a Saab some time soon after and at least one of them will be hooked. That’ll be their story.

I posted an article last night on the way I discovered Saab automobiles.

TS regular Brian M linked me up with a video that sums up that first-experience grin pretty nicely. It’s one I’d seen before but not for some time. One of the ‘First Sketch’ videos from the release of the 9-3 Sports Sedan. Can’t help but feel this good.

There were a couple of similar stories in comments to my own story and I particularly liked one guy’s story about being assigned to deliver a new 900 SE Turbo from one dealership to another many years ago whilst working at a local dealership between high school and military service – he needed 15-20 minutes to let the engine cool before arriving back at work! I’ll leave the name out of it whilst we’re here on the front page, just in case the dealer is reading this (eek!).

Andy Rupert has also written up has discovery story at his co-blog, My Saab Story.

Any other stories about the way you discovered Saab are always welcome in comments.

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  1. Not so much how I found out about Saab, more so about turbo Saab’s

    I had just joined the local club (Saab Car Club of Australia) to try and get some advice on what there like reliability wise etc etc. I was invited to a club lunch at the local suspension workshop. I had been trawling the web a doing a bit of research into these cars. I came across a certain website that belonged to an Australia bloke, Stevie B, he has a slightly modded silver 1988 900 Turbo Aero. This became the website of choice for the next week or so were I learnt everything I could about these cars. The Sunday came for the club lunch; I arrived promptly at 12:30 hoping Steve would show up, I worked the room pretending I knew what the hell I was on about, when it pulled up, the SILVER SLED!!!. Having looked at the website for weeks it was their in front of me, the bonnet/hood was opened and I swear you would have had scrap my jaw from the ground. The Steve then offered to take me for a ride, so in I get and the first thing I see is a fire extinguisher.. then we take off.. and it went.. FAST!!! Needless to say I was sold on Saab turbos!!


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