Denver 9-5

I sort of thought that when November ended, the unofficial 9-5 month would finish as well. But I received this in my inbox this morning and just can’t resist.


This 2007 – yes, 2007 – Saab 9-5 belongs to Keith D from Colorado and he’s loving it….

I thought this photo of my 07 9-5 Aero would warm the cockles of all those Saab owners freezing in Sweden. I recently drove the car from Denver to Las Cruces, New Mexico. This photo fronts the Organ Mountains. Not a great photo, but I’m keeping my camera handy for better shots. The trip involved 900 miles of snowy roads, mountains and desert. It normally takes me 11 hours and I did it in nine this time, averaging about 90 mph. I reached 130 mph (after break-in, of course) a couple times on desolate highways and the car rode like a rock. Then that dreaded governor kicked in, drat!

The car is a great highway cruiser that can nail the corners as well. The Aero package alone was worth the extra dough for the seats; cushy yet firm rear holders. Best seats I’ve ever had. I love my new 9-5, a manual transmission, BTW. I think it has all of the attributes and few of the past negatives of previous cars. The firmer ride is important to me. Passengers rave about the performance and interior experience.

One note regarding the earlier posts about Cadillac sales in Europe: A new Caddy sedan with the V-8 Northstar badge was in front of me, tailing a couple slower cars climbing a long steep grade on a desert mountain pass. He was challenging the cars in front and floored it, sending smoke from both his tail pipes, as we gained a passing lane and moved by the other cars. You might guess what happened next. Hey, at least I waved Bye Bye when I had him in the rear view mirror. I was cresting 105 mph at the top of the pass and he was about 3/4 mile behind me. And GM wants to sell THAT to Euros? Uh, don’t think so.

Keith gives a big thumbs up to the manual gearbox and says he wouldn’t consider anything else. He’s pretty happy with his 9-5, but says that they’re just not selling there, though 9-3’s are leaving the lot at a reasonable clip.

Thanks for the pic, Keith, and for your thoughts on the 07 model 9-5.

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  1. congrats keith d. on the 9-5 and the excellent road adventures! (i just got in from 450 miles yesterday afternoon through this morning. colorado springs > alamosa > denver > colorado springs. heartily, i agree that saabs are fun at long-haul/highway cruising.)

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