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Swedish Newspaper Dagens Industri has published a short report on Saab and ctm’s been kind enough to provide a translation (link is in Svenska). It’s an interesting perspective on Saab’s place within GM’s framework as discussed by GM Europe and Saab head honcho, Carl-Peter Forster.

Saab’s role, as mentioned in the article, is probably not as substantial as I’d like to hear. I’d like to find out CPF’s thoughts on Cadillac….

Saab’s position inside GM is less about when they are going to earn some money and more about what Saab as a brand can bring to GM. That distinction makes head of GM Europe Carl-Peter Forster in an interview with Automotive News Europe. “The question is whether Saab is adding something positive to GM or not”, says Forster.

A question he answers himself by stating the fact that Saab attracts customers to GM. “We have strong evidence that no other GM brand are attracting that type of customers to GM.”

Earlier there were some rumors that GM wanted to close some of it’s production plants in Europe, but Forster now has another point of view on that. GM Europe’s trade union organisations also had some heave criticism against the plans to close plants. “The scenario of closing two plants are gone”, says Forster.

Whether or not Saab will make some profit, Forster (also the chairman of the board at Saab Automobile) thinks that Saab will make a profit, at least when new technologies and platforms are introduced.

On the agenda for GM is the new Delta platform which will be the base for the next generation Opel Astra. Saab CEO Jan-Åke Jonsson wants a smaller Saab model on that platform to underline Saab’s Swedish heritage and to better use the capacity at the Trollhättan plant.

ctm noted in his email to me that it almost read as if the article had been translated from English to Swedish for use in DI. From a quick look at the headline, I’d say it’s an article from Automotive News Europe. If I can find the original I’ll try and see if there’s anything more of interest there.

UPDATE: Found it….an interview with CPF by the looks of it, but it’s subscription only. Bummer.

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  1. Carl needs to better integrate Saab models incl diesels(and hybrid concepts?) into GMEs overall scheme. All models, all markets. GM Detroit is so much vanila with different tags ie who cares?. And dont forget that the euros increasing value wil hinder sales.

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