E85 on the radio

We’ve been reading all about it for over a year now, so the whole E85 and Saab BioPower concept is pretty much second nature.

Take a perspective-check though, and you’ll remember (like I just did) that most people out there in non-Saab land are less than aware of E85, its potential benefits and the way it works.

At the following link you’ll find the transcript to a radio report from Deutsche Welle that provides an intro to E85 in general, and the Saab BioPower 9-5 in particular, including interviews with Saab people.

If you don’t feel like reading, there’s a link to an MP3 of the report that you can listen to.

Click here to read/listen to the report.

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  1. Here in Spain, Saab did in November the presentation of the 9-5 biopower, it’s going to launch the 9-5 biopower in 2007.

    The big problem is the Spanish government that it hasn’t any interest to promote the Ethanol. For this reason GM/Saab Spain decided to install in the Saab dealers refuelling points. Onlye some regional government have some interest in incetives to customers and also install more refuelling points.

    Saab did an agreement with Abengoa(Spanish producer of ethanol) the most important producer in Europe of ethanol to promote it.

    Its quite ironically. Few days ago, the catalan government anounced it has intention to promote a law that in every highway near Barcelona the speed limit it will be 80km/h instead 120km/h. An idea of a genius, to increase the big traffic jams of every day in the roads/highways to enter Barcelona and icnrease pollution.


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