Follow-Up on E85 test in Australia

I reported a few days ago on Saab Australia providing a BioPower 9-5 for the Queensland government’s vehicle fleet for evaluation.

At the time, the source report indicated that whilst it was a noble gesture, the car would be running on E10 at best, as E85 isn’t available here in Australia. It also indicated that they wouldn’t be getting an actual Biopower car until January.

I’ve received an encouraging clarification on that issue from Saab Australia, who will also be seeking a correcting report from the original publication, Drive.


I have sent a note of clarification to drive regarding their report on the Queensland Government testing BioPower.

– Our BioPower cars for the program have arrived in Australia.
– Currently they are running on Premium Unleaded, but from next week they will be on E85.

We are working with local ethanol producers – Manildra have been particularly supportive towards our program – to ensure steady supply of E85 both for the launch in Queensland and the capital cities for the follow up fleet, media and government BioPower test cars.

So, the QFleet BioPower will run on E85.


This is great news and a good initiative. It means that the Queensland trial will be a genuine trail, as will the press trials in the car.

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  1. I saw the report in last weeks Drive and was surprised that the QLD government were only going to run the cars on a max of 10% ethanol. Considering that the Queensland coast from Tweed Heads all the way up to Cairns is sugarcane this struck me as a wasted opportunity. Good to see E85 is to be used.

    I’m dumbstruck though at the lack of a push of E85 by the federal coalition considering one half of the coalition is the National Party which is supposed to represent the cockies more than anything. They should have been pushing for E85 for years but there seems to be no push whatsoever.

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