Follow-up story: Saab Safety

Late last month I published a story about a Saab in the UK that was involved in an accident, hitting a deer that then ricocheted off the Saab and into another car, tragically killing the man driving with his wife and sons in the car.

Allow me to refresh your memory:

A MAN was killed when his car collided with a deer as he drove along the A35 in the New Forest.

The freak accident happened at 7.50pm on Sunday when a Saab car travelling near Holmsley towards Christchurch collided with the animal.

The impact caused the deer to be thrown into the path of a Ford C-Max car which was travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver of the Ford car, a 38-year-old man from the Watford area, suffered fatal injuries. His 38-year-old partner and their two children aged six and 18 months all suffered minor injuries and were taken to Southampton General Hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Saab car was uninjured but shocked.

I received an email yesterday from Cliff, who was the driver of the Saab involved in the accident. Cliff’s generously allowed me to publish what he wrote to me, which must have been very difficult due to the traumatic nature of the incident.

You had a story about a car hitting a deer in the new forest on 28 November.

Just to let you know it was my car that hit the deer. I’m still having problems coming to terms with it. I think the deer was sliced in half by the impact with the Ford, as the only bit damaged on my Saab was the front offside wing and bonnet. I did swerve to try and avoid it.

The police say that the Saab saved me from serious injury as any other car would have just crumpled from the impact.

The reason why I say the deer was cut in half by the ford is that although it went through his windscreen and punched a hole, the fire brigade had to cut him out of the car, and something going through the windscreen wouldn’t damage the structure that much…..

….”Traumatic” covers it nicely, I have an old Citroen as a “spare” car and to be honest driving on the same road scares the hell out of me as the Police told me that (the Citroen) would have just crumpled and I’d have been in hospital too if I’d have been in it at the time.

The police have just completed examination of my car (a 2001 9-3 2.2 TiD) and said no faults, I just wait now to see if its a write off.

As I mentioned at the time, this seemed like yet another story about Saab safety coming to the fore.

Whilst it is always a tragedy when someone is killed in an accident, it’s a boost to know that Cliff’s physically healthy – and that a big part as to why is because of Saab’s attention to safety.

Thanks Cliff, for being willing to share your story, and I’m sure we all hope that you can recover from the shock of the incident in good time.

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  1. I just remembered this, some time a go there was a serious accident between a Subaru and a baby elk outside my town here in Sweden. Just have a look at the attached picture. The rescue service has cut the A-pillar and the roof edges back at the B-pillar and then flipped the windscreen forward. The interesting here is the roof all crumbled at the back of the car; it is not the rescue service that has done that, it’s the elk. Remember that this is the same car as Saab 9-2, if it had been a 9-3 or a 9-5 I’m sure that the end result would not be like that. I will not even think of what had happened if it had been a full-grown elk. I’m happy that 9-2 is phased out because otherwise it could put a real dent in Saabs reputation for building safe cars.

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