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The Koni stories from comments are quite interesting, as well as one anonymous testimonial received directly via email. When you read Saab forums and peruse the various aftermarket outlets it seems like there’s a huge groundswell of favourable opinion for Koni. After looking into it some more, I’m not sure that it’s justified when it comes to fitting them to Aero or Viggen specced Saabs.

Interesting stuff indeed.


It’s when I see stuff like this from GM that I get worried for Saab’s future. This is from a story about the rebuilding of Buick from GM’s Fastlane blog:

The Enclave is Buick’s first luxury crossover and it is the perfect vehicle for the times. It has all the versatility, functionality, and roominess of a sport utility and the ride dynamics of a high-end luxury car. Then we add what I call the ‘Buickness’.

I don’t know about you, but I want a Saab. Not a Generic Motors sedan or hatch (oh please, a hatch) where they’ve added what they call “the Saabness”.

Doesn’t someone proof read GM’s blog postings before they put this stuff to print? With all the recent hoo-haa about badge engineering, lack of identity and having too many brands, it’s kack-handed phrases like this that send shivers down the spine.


the Alcokey’s receiving some wide-ranging press given that it’s a slower time of year for news. It’s been popping up all over the place in my RSS reader. Good to see.

…but can it take your picture?



Team Sanddodgers are now on their way on their charitable journey to Banjul in a Saab 99 Turbo. They have a brief video on site as well as some diary entries from the initial leg from Britain to France.

Admission: I’d hoped to cover the lead up their drive a lot more and provide some sponsorship but unfortunately costs here at home got out of control pre-Christmas and I haven’t been able to. Thankfully they’ve already exceeded their 10,000 quid target so well done lads and safe driving!


If it weren’t about a Saab being used for illegal purposes it’d be amusing. OK, it still can be, as their robbery attempt was foiled by a dog and “some high-tech security devices”. The power of the hyphen comes to the fore:

DETECTIVES have issued descriptions of three men who tried to rob a city centre jeweller and are appealing for a key witness to come forward…..

…..Officers think they went towards Tower Street and fled in a black Saab 95 estate car.

Anyone seeing one of these (see below) re-sprayed in black with four shady types inside – please call the local plod immediately.

Strange choice of getaway car.



With 2006 coming to a close it’ll be interesting to see Saab’s final sales numbers for the year. There’s been records set in a number of markets and some interesting trends in others.

The 60-years celebrations should kick off in earnest early next year, too. With a refreshed 9-3 coming there’s a heck of a lot to look forward to in 2007.

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