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DEC 31st 8.30am UPDATE

It seems people got busy whilst I was sleeping, with the Saab C900 Convertible now up to 590 votes. With 20% of the vote and the nearest competitor with only 12% I’m going to stick a fork in it and call it ‘done’.


There’s several things to come out of this:

1) The Saab 900 Convertible’s a classic car and a worthy winner in it’s 20th anniversary year.

2) The Saab online community can muster up a heck of a lot of interest when it all gets together on something like this. I’ve had it as the top story here all weekend. Ryan and Ted posted notices on Saab Central and other UK boards and my dog even posted one on Saabnet! From all these sources the people have gathered and had their say.

3) One lucky Convertible owner’s going to start 2007 off with a smile – and more power to him.

Thanks to everyone who’s voted, posted notices around and kept watch over this poll. Once again we’ve managed to put a Saab front-and-centre on one of the biggest automotive sites on the web, and that can never be a bad thing.

And of course, if you haven’t voted yet – click here to go show your support.


YET STILL ANOTHER UPDATE (10 minutes later again)

The C900 convertible has hit the lead!!


They say in tennis that you haven’t really broken serve until you’ve held your own straight after. In other words, getting in front is only part of the battle won. If you haven’t voted yet then head on over to Autoblog and vote now to keep the Saab in front (even though the Jag, the Jensen and the Lotus are all pretty cool)


YET ANOTHER UPDATE (10 minutes later) – only FIVE votes behind now….


ANOTHER UPDATE – only 14 votes behind first place!!

If you haven’t already – then go and vote. Let’s tear the roof off the sucker.


UDPATE for the Europeans coming online in the next few hours…

The Saab Convertible was languishing earlier, but is now challenging for outright second place. The image immediately below shows the current situation as I write this, and the image at the bottom shows how things were around 8 hours prior.

If you haven’t voted yet, then click here to go to the poll, have your say, and get a 1980s classic Saab over the line!



You may remember the Autoblog Reader’s Ride of the Week competition a few months ago. With your help, we managed to get a Saab 900 Convertible confirmed as the RR of the Week.

Well, it’s now RR of the YEAR time and given that it was a weekly winner, the C900 Convertible is up for the annual competition too.

As you can see in the current standing (below), the Saabs got some ground to make up. So head on over to Autoblog and place your vote!


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  1. I’ve posted this everywhere I can now. We can win this thing, becuase we’ve done it before, so we can do it again.

    Make sure we hit the coffee houses, internet cafes, work & home (if different), friends, family, etc.

    We’re almost there.

  2. We need one more vote to tie for second place, then we need a full concerted effort to make #1, about 50 votes to go.

    Let’s get cracking.

  3. I have now done my duty! 🙂 And since so many in my family are driving SAABs I am more than convinced that they all have read my Trollhattan-Autoblog-linked mails and done their duty as well. ;/)

  4. Good, we’re getting there at 532. If we can hit 600 by the end of today (Saturday), we’ll be really in good shape by January 1st which I think is when this poll ends.

    I’ve already been to 2 internet cafes today to vote for this thing. 🙂

    Let’s keep it going, now we have some real momentum folks!

  5. Okay, I stopped at the magic # “900” votes, so now I am heading to sleep.

    I hope other scan pick up the slack to keep our competitive advantage over the others to win the car of the year.

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