Saab Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m not a fan of all the department stores trying to tell us that it’s Christmas in October. That’s why I’ve left it until the 1st of December to bring you the Trollhattan Saab Christmas list.

*puts on TV advertising voice*

Are you one of those hard-to-buy-for types that the family just can’t get the right thing for? Well, just point them here and all your Saab Christmas needs will be taken care of.

*OK, back to normal*

Here’s a few goodies I took a liking to whilst scouring the pages of TS supporter site, Elkparts. I thought maybe some of you might like them too.


Saab ‘Welcome’ Book


As I understand it, there’s two ways you can get this book. You can buy a new Saab and receive one (in some markets), or you can buy the book direct from Elkparts or another reseller.

It’s divided into three sections – Scandinavia, Air Born and Innovative – and provides a good look into the brand and it’s history. As always with Saab publications, the photography is excellent.

I received a complimentary copy from Saab a few months ago and can highly recommend it.

Click for the Elkparts link.


Remote Control SportCombi(s)


These would have to be good for a bit of fun. Elkparts currently have a three-for-two offer going and the cars are capable of running on swithable channels, so you won’t be controlling your mate’s car by accident.

You may remember this video from earlier in the month. The RC SportCombi in action. You too could be inviting all manner of interrogation and missile fire outside the White House!

Click for the Elkparts link


Saab Sonett 1:43


If you’re a 1.43 collector, like I’m slowly becoming, then you might take a liking to this little orange number. A Sonett III, which comes securely mounted in the plastic display case etc.

I’ve got a couple of the Saab Essentials collection models and they’re excellent quality with a high level of detail. Great stuff. I’ll have two, thanks.

Click for the Elkparts link


Playsam Convertibles

xtreamliner_limeyellow_big.jpg xtreamliner_lightningblue_big.jpg

Owners of certain convertibles might be happy with these.

Playsam models are made in Sweden and have won a swag of awards for their simple and entertaining designs.

These convertibles pictured are painted in Lime Yellow for the latest generation 9-3 ‘vert owners or Lightning Blue for those that might have a mighty Viggen convertible.

Click for the Lime yellow at Elkparts

Click for the Lightning Blue at Elkparts

And while I’m here, Ryan has a tip on an Aero-X inspired version…..




There’s a whole heap of clothing items available from the Expressions range. This polo shirt is part of the Heritage Collection, featuring the old Saab logo.

Click for Heritage gear at Elkparts


Speedparts Tee


For those of you that are a little more confident (and cheeky), there’s this number from Speedparts.

Better be able to back it up though.

Click here for the link at Elkparts


Saab Golf Kit


For those of you that like to spoil a good walk, there’s the Saab golf kit, featuring

– Saab golf umbrella 30 inch silver

– Saab Golf Balls (dozen)
– Golf tee pouch with tees
– Saab golf tees (10 Pcs)
– Saab Pitchfork (eeek!)
– Golf Towel, cotton, 32x50cm

All items are also available separately.

Click for the Elkparts link


For the cynics amongst you that think this might have been a paid ad, whilst John is a supporter of this site and does send me some gear from time to time to review here, this isn’t one of those occasions and it’s always stated clearly when it is. This is just a quick look around to see what gear’s available prior to the silly season.

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  1. Swade!
    There is one thing I wish for Xmass……… It’s a printed version of YOUR’S Saab calendar! What do you think, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have all these magnificent pics on your wall (one in your bedroom, one in the living room, one in the garage, and at least one in your office…..). you’ve wrote once that you’re considering selling the Areo-X DVDs, so what about the calendar? I’m sure all of us visiting would buy one, and there are more enthusiasts around the world!!! Does it sound sensible?

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