Heritage Photo Shoot

Next year is Saab’s 60th anniversary year and as part of the celebrations, Saab USA will be putting on a showcase media event early in 2007. As part of the preparations, they’re doing a photoshoot of all the Saabs in the GM Heritage collection. I received this little teaser via email just now.

Boy, I love 99 Turbos.


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  1. I think that the quad round headlights were U.S. spec only. But as I recall, my 1979 99 had the yellow over clear indicators, not the completely clear ones as in the picture.
    I gotta tell ya…the more I see pictures of the old 99’s, the more I think that Saab would sell tons of these today if they added a few modern safety upgrades to them. They are damn beautiful!

  2. Memories, memories… I had a 75 Wagonback, burnt umber in color. I know this is a newer model, but take away the front air dam, Aztec wheels and Turbo logo, and it’s a near perfect match. I think the 99 has it all over the 900, both in looks and handling. I test drove a C900 once and walked away disappointed, felt like a big truck. I’m thinking “Got to add a 99 to my collection” … but can’t let my wife know.

  3. Is it just me who also like the four door sedan body style of the 99? In green metallic… With Turbo… I would like one of those for Christmas!

  4. Martin, you’re not alone, except for the green part. I also had a 73 4-door in a foggy blue color that I really loved. Much nicer to drive than the wagonback. I hate the American style headlights though. If I were to get ahold of one, I’d have to put the European headlights on it. There just seemed to be something really classy about that car, really ahead of its time, and ALL Saab.

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