Hirsch Press Release!

Wouldn’t you know it!

Just hours after I wrote about the need for Saab to be more aggressive about promoting themselves, a piece that included including this line….

And when was the last time anyone saw any sort of news release about Hirsch?

…..they do it! They’re just trying to embarrass me, I’m sure. (The link’s in Swedish)

There’s no new information in the release, it’s basically just a piece to say that Hirsch exists, they can get more juice out of your Saab, inluding diesel and Biopower, and their work doesn’t void your warranty etc etc.

It’s a good start, but which motoring site is going to run prominently it without photos of a hotted up Hirschmobile and some reviewer’s thoughts about how much of a cracker it is??

There’s more to be done!!


I’ll be writing to Hirsch later today to see if they’ve got any pics etc that can be published and any English language info.

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  1. http://www.bilsport.se/news.php?id=41074

    It’s a start, but the problem is the so called auto journalists. Everytime a tuning company has some new ugly plastic bumper for Audi, BMW or Porsche, it’s big “news”. If Audi would develop a trash can, they would write about it on the front page having all sorts of praise for it. It’s just plain stupid. And I don’t really see how that is gonna change.

  2. Sg,

    Because Nordic is not the official aftermarket company.

    Hirsch is the factory aftermarket company, plus if you fit Hirsch you keep to keep your factory warranty.


  3. I’m 99.9% sure that’s not the case with Nordic. Wigwam might guarantee their work but I’m sure if your Nordic stage III 9-5 Aero threw a valve after a hard run then Saab USA would take one look at the car’s record and say ‘bad luck’.

    Getting the Nordic work done mightn’t effect some parts of your warranty, but where there’s a causal relationship between the work done and the defect I’m sure they’d disallow it.

    Of course, if I’m wrong, then the fact that Saab haven’t pushed this relationship is almost a crime.

    But I’m pretty darn sure I’m not wrong.

    As to why Hirsch aren’t in the US – in Australia they’d have to go through a bunch of tests to ensure they comply with various Australian Standards to show that they comply with standards for vehicles. These tests aren’t cheap and for the number of vehicles here in Australia the cost of homologation is prohibitive.

    I’m not sure if similar testing etc is required in the US but if so it may be a reason why. The market would surely be big enough, though, to justify the costs.

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