Missing man’s body found

I’ve just heard via 1985 Gripen that James Kim, the father who went missing after walking off to try and get help for his wife and young daughters after the family was involved in a snow-related accident in their 9-2x, has been found dead.

The CNN report is here.

Sad news indeed. Our thoughts and prayers are with this wife and kids.

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  1. its amazing how we all united and stuff just because they drove a saab. it is very sad. my prayers go out to the family. rip james

  2. I think most of us would have been pulling for the guy even if he’d been driving an AUDI. It’s just the fact that it was mentioned here at TrollhattanSAAB because he was driving a 9-2X that it got worldwide attention amongst SAAB fans. Otherwise it would have just been a (U.S.) national story.

  3. A very sad ending indeed, even if it means an end to the torturous anxiety the family and friends must have felt. As a new parent I couldn’t help but get caught up in this story. My consolation is that at least the children are ok. My prayers are with them.

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