Monday Snippets

We have one of the few dogs in the world that thinks it’s a cat.


Not a whole lot of Saab-specific stuff today, but some stuff nonetheless.


Despite the fact that the man in question has got quite the American accent and lived most of his life in the US, the British publication Auto Express are covering the million-mile Saab story thus:

A Saab 900 owned by Brit Peter Gilbert clocked up 1,001,385 miles and survived eight deer collisions before he gave it to a car museum in Hartford, Wisconsin, US.

I’ve just given you half the entire article so it’s not really worth clicking, just notable for the description.

Perhaps Gilbert could come over to Australia to play cricket for England?


Totally non-Saab related, but Autoblog are linking to a story where an insurance company is studying accident rates and how they relate to the driver’s star sign. Such things are mumbo-jumbo if you ask me, but I’ll play along.

I’m an Aries, which means that I’m quite selfish on the road (totally untrue – now get out of my way!!!) and apprently Leos and Geminis are the best. Given that I owned two Holden Gemini’s in my youth I’ll claim driving supremacy by association.


Danny DeVito drives a Prius.

I bet he’d prefer a Saab BioPower Hybrid Convertible.


Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has announced plans to run three quarters of its delivery fleet on biodiesel from January next year.

So starts a BBC report into the story, which should see a little more interest once again in clean fuels. I’m sure Saab UK head honcho Jonathan Nash will be welcoming the news. Evry little bit of extra interest helps.


Geez I’m missing my Viggen. It’s just sitting there in driveway with it’s busted front shocks. I went and fired it up on Saturday and I could almost hear it thank me for the little bit of attention. I reckon it’ll be at least another three weeks before I can order the new Konis.

Three weeks of one-car-family hell.


TS regular, PT, has written with an interest in formulating at Trollhattan version of GMI’s Saab revitalised series. For those that missed it, fan forum GM Inside News did a series of articles on what it thought the Saab lineup could look like given the right investment from GM. The link that I have for their piece now seems to be dead, but here’s my coverage of it.

I’m a little wary of the idea given that I have no CGI skills whatsoever. I’m thinking that instead of doing a what-if piece, we could perhaps try a what-will-be piece based on current knowledge.

Anyone that has some CGI skill and is interested in partnering up on this, please drop me a line in comments or by email. Alex D, your input would be very welcome!!! (one can only hope).

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  1. a monday snippet huh?

    man, you aussies kill me…always starting the day early!!!
    here it is in the canadian winter, 10 pm sunday night and watching the survivor finale in bed and you are up and working already. Go back to bed!!

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