One clean 96

Regular visitors to this site would be familiar with the work of Drew B.

Drew’s the guy that painted my Viggen wheels. He leaves occasional caustic comments on this site and owns a very distinct collection of Saabs, some of which have featured here before.

His latest acquisition has arrived in southern Tasmania and undergone Drew’s rather rigorous polishing process (he’s quite meticulous) and he’s shot some photos of the results.

It’s a Souvenir Edition Saab 96 V4, one of the last 150 to be made for the UK market. Thankfully it was imported into Australia quickly enough to avoid the totally rusty fate that plagues many UK vehicles.

Two photos below, but you can see the rest of them here.


How’s that for a shine? Go look at the rest, you won’t believe the level of detail.

Drew, congrats. You’ve done it again!


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  1. I love that shade of red. Is it original or another shade? Could someone give me a code or something so I can duplicate that color when I restore one of my 96’s? Would be much appreciated.

  2. I think the color is called Cardinal Red. I’m not sure about a paint code but I know that Drew could tell you anything you needed to know about it. I’ll Draw his attention to the article and see what he can tell you.

    And there will definitely be video of this car forthcoming. We were meant to do some yesterday but Drew is a little ill and I’m waiting for my new video camera, a Mini DV Hi Definition jobbie that I’ll pick up next Thursday. Much better quality than the one I did the 9-5 video with.

  3. Lovely car. As far as I know it was a run-out model special in Cardinal Red but am happy to be corrected…

    Cardinal Red by the way was notorious for fading and flaking – I have seen some very un-Saab like rust on 99Turbos and EMS in Cardinal red. You need about 5 coats of the stuff to ward of the gremlins- and even then it might fade.

    Mega Saab Drew – is it that ex Uk one with the added pop up galls roof?

  4. Wow. That is a beuatiful 96.

    There is one only a few blocks from where I live. It looks like it’s been sitting on the side of the street for some time. I wish I had some extra money to buy it.

  5. Trust me, that IS Cardinal Red metallic, code R06B. It was available from 1976 to 1979 on all models, including the 96. Although limited numbers of base model 96’s were produced in this colour, it’s best known for being the colour of the last 150 UK 96’s.

    Hehe, the idea of a Drew B polishing podcast! Just don’t tell SW!


  6. I don’t think I’d have enough video tape to do it anyway. I’m not sure there’s enough video tape in all of Hobart to cover a full Drew-polish!

  7. A bit like this, SW?

    Ironically, he boasts about using a 65GBP bucket but I noticed him using a DIY Makita polisher later on!


  8. > Hehe, the idea of a Drew B polishing podcast!
    >Just don’t tell SW!

    or me – hell, we could make it a multi-cam job with Top Gear style cinematography! 😉

    as informative as it would be, we’d have to speed up a lot of the footage, as 3 hrs of some überfastidious bugger polishing and polishing his rear brake lens gets tiring after a while… (unless he’s doing it on my car, in which case I could watch him all day, you glorious, glorious man Drew 😉 )

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