Pollhattan – Calendars or Wallpapers?

For each month in 2006 I’ve been producing a calendar. The vast majority of these calendars have been based on readers’ photos of their own vehicles. I did this to inspire some creativity and some pride of ownership amongst the community. I love good photography and it’s been great to see people embrace the Saab O The Week concept and get some enjoyment out of their vehicles this way. I’m really proud of the collection of calendars that were put together this year.

The problems:

1) Calendars have a limited use in terms of time.

2) It can be time consuming to search for the best photos and produce the calendars. I get a lot of photos sent to me, but I also ask for some photos of cars that I know of. It’s small stuff, but cumulatively it adds up. The last two calendars have been prepared this way (i.e. requested photos).

The proposal:

Rather than producing a desktop calendar each month, I’ll endeavour to produce some regular desktop wallpapers. I’ll be applying the same high photographic standards to these as with the calendars.

The perceived advantages:

1) These wallpapers can be stored in a categorised section of the site so they’re easily accessible – a step I didn’t plan for with the calendars

2) There’s no time/redundancy problem – wallpapers produced now will still look as good in 2, 3, or more years from now.

So, it’s over to you…..vote away – and as always your comments and suggestions are welcome.

…..and in case you haven’t seen it yet, the sensational 9-5 Hirsch December calendar can be found if you click here.

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  1. Assuming the wallpapers come in standard sizes, maybe someone could make calendar overlays to fit on the most recent wallpapers for those that want a calendar. Just a png or gif which is tranparent except for the calendar data. Then, those that want to, could use GIMP or other software to overlay it onto the wallpaper. Of course, whoever creates the overlay will have to see the wallpaper first (maybe use last month’s) so as not to put the calendar in the optimal location. I’ll volunteer, but my skills are not very good.

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