Post-Christmas Snippets

For those that are interested, I got the following for Christmas:

A Jeremy Clarkson book (can’t remember the title)
A book of “Speeches that changed the world”
A sandwich toaster
A cordless shaver
A Hibiscus (it’s a plant)
Some genuine Belgian chocolate
A new handmade backgammon board (for my wife and I)

Not a bad lot. No Konis for the Viggen, but a good lot of booty nonetheless.


Eggs-n-Grits got a Stanley socket set, some CD’s and a Saab wristwatch.

Feel free to leave mention of your notable presents in comments.


We had an unofficial 9-5 month in November/December.

I now declare the next few weeks to be the unofficial NG900 and OG9-3 month. Good quality photos from proud NG900 and old-gen 9-3 owners are welcome.

My tip for owners of these cars that want to make them look special. Get some wheels. I’ve seen several NG900’s here in Hobart that look fantastic and there’s no body kit on them or anything, just a good set of aftermarket alloys. The standard wheels are a little plain, but a nice set of 16″ or 17″ five spokes (or similar) can really set the car off.


I wrote a few weeks ago about a Saab dealer in Baltimore that has hooked up with women’s automotive website,

If you’re wondering about the need for such an initiative, consider the following:

Women purchase more than 52 percent of all new vehicles.

Women influence more than 85 percent of all automotive sales in U.S. households.

Women spend $300 billion annually on used-car sales, maintenance, repairs and service.

Getting in on this thing sounds like a sensible move to me.


If anyone’s looking for white gauge faces for a classic 900, Andy Rupert’s been chasing them. It looks like he might be getting some made up and has the contact details for the company here.


In an amazing turn of events, we actually had snow on Mount Wellington here in Hobart on Christmas Day – in the middle of Summer!

There was a surprising lack of snow in much of Sweden this Christmas. But ctm shot these frosty photos on Christmas morning. It’s not the normal white Christmas they’d expect, but it’s something….



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  1. Here’s my loot:

    coffee table
    floor rug
    Dame Edna Tickets
    new tellie
    Ghostbusters 1 and 2 on dvd

    and a nice club headache from ASIC!

  2. “a nice club headache from ASIC!”

    I got one of those as well, must be all the thing to get this Christmas lol

    Also got a trip to Sweden that’s redeemable in June 2007 😀

  3. Greetings to snow bound Tassy- as seen on BBC1 main news here!

    I got (amongst other thngs), James May’s book ‘May on Motors’ – a collection of his ramblings from the The Daily Telegraph. His writing is more real than Clarkson’s formulaic funny stuff.

    I also received a case of the best estate bottled Australian wines – simply the best wine I have tasted in years.

    Question for Swade et al. I have just checked out the 93 anniversary saloon (in blue). Have I drunk too much mulled wine or has Saab very subtely chnaged the rear lamp lenses on the saloon only – they seem to have a sharper angle and corner when viewed from the side – the wraparound bit of the rear lenses. The rear lamps look different somehow?

    If I am wrong, you can all shoot the Saab author down in flames…Now there is

    Christmas fun for you.. Best wishes from the verdent green land of Wiltshire,

  4. Swade- have you considered that the new beard will reduce your top spped and increase fuel consumption?

    You will suffer from boundary layer localised airflow separation, induced parastic turbulence and you will also have disturbed your critical separation point as the airflow exits your face. The drag envelope may also be outwards turning – causing a huge wake of vortex disturbance behind you!

    Suggest you fit rear spoiler off a 99 Turbo to rear of neck, but avoid anr rear end ‘fan’ effect for gods sake…….

  5. Lance: I’d thought of the same thing. However, I passed it off as a temporary thing. Since the Viggen is laid up sans shocks, I figure that Swade has a few days to get back into ‘driving shape’.

    Suggest that a complete Aero air dam from a 9k may be fitted to lower jaw. Complete clay and fresh wax will also marginally improve laminar airflow.

  6. Hey eggsngrits: What if we all clubbed together and paid for Swade to be Hirschsuit?

    Ah heck, just stick an Aero badge on his arse and an intercooler to the beard…

    Makes me think- in a De Bono kind of way, if I was an alloy wheel, what would I be? Alu 36 or Alu 71…

    Its the Ausssie wine that does this to me you know…Lets face not much point for a Pom to watch cricket now is there…

  7. * 32″ lcd flat screen hdtv

    * dvd player (to go with the flat screen, id.)

    * black leather, 3-button sports coat

    * “ostritch” steering wheel cover

    * saab “griffin” license-plate screw covers

    * “saab”-embroidered seat-belt “muffs” (x2)

    * saab “griffin” grill emblems (x2)

  8. Lance: yes, if we can fit the tach and turbo gauge in his eye sockets, it’s a go. Mouth is a bit big for speedo, but we can fill as reqd.

    saab9x: you don’t have kids, obviously, and I hate you.

  9. Gents, all aerodynamic concerns can now be set aside as I used the new shaver (see presents list above) to good effect yesterday.

    Today I plant the hibiscus.

    Al, I’m glad Tassie’s too small for director status. I’d prefer to keep ASIC out of my life, thanks.

    And 9x, I hate you too 😉

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