Posting in Swedish….

Well, not all of it, but you’ll get the drift.

First up, some news from Saab of Sweden via a press release there. I think you’ll be able to self-translate enough to get the good news:

Saab har satt nytt europeiskt säljrekord

Under årets första elva månader registrerades 82 133 bilar från Saab i Europa, att jämföra med det gamla rekordet från 2005 på 81 401 bilar. Ökningen fram till dags dato uppgår till 11,3 procent och överträffar alla europeiska konkurrenter.

Alla Saabs tio största marknader i Europa förutom Tyskland har noterat ökningar fram till idag jämfört med 2005: Sverige (upp 23 procent), Spanien (upp 26 procent), Italien (upp 18 procent), Belgien (upp 20 procent), Holland (upp 27 procent), Frankrike (upp 9 procent), Norge (upp 20 procent) och Schweiz (upp 33 procent).

Did you get it?

Looks to me like a release about a new European sales record with notable increases in Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Norway and Switzerland.

All of which is great news.


Secondly, given the time year, I’d assume that this is a Christmas greeting from Swede Team Motor. It arrived in my inbox this morning, so Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that stuff from STM, whom I’d like to thank for sharing their racing season with us. It’s been a blast to cover and I’m really looking forward to a successful racing season in 2007.

Click to enlarge.


Oh, and in the event that I’ve completely misinterpreted this card and STM are actually telling me to stick my feet in my mouth and swallow, please let me know in comments 😉

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  1. I read in that Saab will launch a ethanol version of the 9-3ss in the 1.8t version with 150bhp-185bhp.

    Here in Spain, GM/Saab has the commitent to introduce the next year the 9-5 ethanol, but the Spanish government isn’t interested in the idea, only some regional government like the Vasque Country has some commitent with this technology. For this reason GM/saab Spain decided to install in every Saab Delaer that accept the idea to install a refuel station of ethanol in the dealer for the customers.


  2. Hmmm… they’re not telling you to stick your feet in your mouth and swallow, it’s something of theirs they’ve got in mind….*snicker, snicker*

    Seriously, I believe that it says, “Good Yule and Good New Year”, but I think that you could’ve guessed that.

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