Puppy Video

I can’t resist……

But it won’t happen often, I promise.

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  1. Eggs, I pondered a Metallica soundtrack, but went with sappy instead.

    Like I said: couldn’t resist. We get the puppy on Sunday and the anticipation is palpable in the house right now.

  2. Swade: Good call. Actually, I’m a sucker for dogs. My kids are of the age where it would be really fun. I’m more of a Boston Terrier / Pug person, but yours is great. Congrats.

  3. Eggs,

    I used to work with a breeder of champion pugs here in Australia. He was taking one of his dogs to Sydney for a show and when he got off the plane – no dog.

    Somehow, it ended up in Vienna!

  4. eggsngrits,

    My two favorite breeds of small dog, you have good taste. Pugs are so comical, love to cuddle up with you and are total couch potatoes.

    My friend has a Boston Terrier and she is SO cute but she is quite stubborn but very very clever and beats up on her buddy who is a “Bug” which is a pug x Boston Terrier. He is so cool with the brains of a Boston with a Pug’s cuddle factor and he a bit hyper!

    Regretfully I live in a building that doesnt allow pets but I see plenty of Pugs in my neighbourhood so I always stop and say hello! I will get a Pug , or two, once I move out.

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