Saab Festival ’07 dates announced

Oh boy, I wish I could make it to this. 60 year celebrations. Carlsson, Eklund and UrSaab. 2-stroke heaven and time in the home of Saab. What else could you want?

Unfortunately, timing and financial constraints are going to keep me grounded in June, with a possible shot at the US convention a few months later if all goes well.

The official website for Saab Festival is here. Get there if you can!


Thanks to Tim for the heads-up.

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  1. hi Swade, sad you cant make it, i was looking forward to meeting up with you.I have decided to drag my brother-in-law over to Trollhattan with me, he’s not a Saab fan although he is starting to like them. we will drive from Yeovil in somerset (uk), its about 1,110 miles and it will be good to get on a special german road and see what the top end realy is!!! is any one else going to drive there from Somerset?

  2. It’s funny that I can’t think of anyone who lives further away from Trollhattan than Swade! You can’t get much further away from Sweden than Tasmania!

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