Saab headed for record year?!

A release from GM that appeared overnight.

Saab reaches all-time record registrations in Europe

Before the year ends, Saab reaches all-time record sales for Europe: it sold 82,915 cars from January to November 2006, clearly surpassing its former European sales record of 80,981 units from the year 2000. Compared to the same period in 2005, Saab increased its sales by 11.4 percent, or 8,489 cars. In the month of November, Saab sold 6,163 cars in Europe, reaching a market share of 0.35 percent. Globally, Saab sold a total of 121,312 cars from January to November 2006, which means that the brand is on track for its best-ever year, keeping up the 6 percent increase compared to 2005 registrations. Saab achieved record sales in the year-to-date period in Spain, Belgium and Canada. It continues to be the leading brand in Europe for vehicles running on Ethanol-85.

When SaabKen asked yesterday, I was unable to recount exact numbers for 2005. For some reason 128,000 stuck in my mind though, and if they’re at 121,312 at the end of November and headed for a record year, then it could well be about right.

At the beginning of the year I crunched some sales target numbers and came up with 160,000 at first. That seemed way too high and was revised down to 150,000 and I thought that was realistic given the SportCombi and increased sales trends in Sweden and a few other places.

It looks like they’re going to reach 130,000 and quite possibly set a record, which is great. But one can’t help but wonder what could have been if the US market was better, if Germany was anything like what a 4th biggest market’s supposed to be and even if little markets like Australia had stepped up to their potential.

A record’s a record, and if it happens then pop those corks regardless, I say.

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  1. 2004: 127.600 (it’s on the GM site)

    I can’t find a figure for 2005 total sale on the GM site. But in newspapers I find 121.000 as the number for last year.

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