Saab O The Week – Dec 20

Now – how good is this? That must be one of the cleanest cars in one of the best composed photos I’ve seen in a long time.

It came via an email headed “Greetings from sunny San Diego”. Makes me just want to dive in and say hello right back. I keep expecting a modern-day Bogart to step out of the car.

This magnificent 9-3 Aero belongs to Robert B, who’s obviously from San Diego. The photo was taken by Benzon, a friend of his.

Great stuff. Expect to see this one in a bigger format in 2007. Click to enlarge.


Sab, the photo bar has now been set quite high for a 9-3 of this vintage. I’m expecting big things from you and your new sled!

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  1. Too bad sunny San Diego doesn’t make my Saab look this nice.

    Pssst, Swade, watch out! There’s a Chrysler ad somewhere on your site…

  2. San Diego is a great city and has a San Diego Saab club. If anyone gets there go to Ocean Beach- a wonderful and deliberately slightly scruffy village with rock, jazz, organic food and loads of cafes and bars overlooking the beach and pier. They threw starbucks out and the community runs the town.

    The place is full of old cars and lots of Saab owners. Houses are a million buck apiece though. The sunsets are great too. See it at www. Ocean Beach Association.

    The weather is great and the yacht club on Shelter island is great too. I spent weeks on holiday there.

    Anyway, here’s to Swade and Trollhattan Saab, thanks for hours of pleasure and learning in 2006 on a top web site. More power to your turbo sir. Happy -whatever your-God-Mass is mate.

  3. Awesome pic and a good competition for me! Just sent you ane mail Swadey with a link to some pics of my new 2002 9-3 Aero you may like to use!


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