Saab O The Week – Dec 28

Here’s the final Saab O The Week for 2007 (ah, an oops on my part. Whilst we Tasmanians do live in the future compared to the rest of you earthlings, it’s not quite that far into the future. This is the last SOTW for 2006).

“Saabaudi” has been a long time visitor to this site and he dropped this photo in my inbox recently. Being a long-term Saab 99 fan I couldn’t resist. Here’s a reminder to those Europeans that are missing their snow right now what late December is supposed to look like.

The photo was taken when cameras used film developed by a chemical process (remember that), back in 1986. It’s Saabaudi’s 99 GLE 2.0 l, Automatic, 118 hp and she accompanied his young family for 8 years.


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  1. No kidding. I’m really disappointed to see the last of the Saab of the Week pics for 2007. 12 months without SOTW? Very sad.

  2. As I write this note from beautiful New Hampshire, USA (where it currently is a balmy 45°F) could anyone out there tell me what all that white stuff on the car is?

  3. I don’t remember noticing that before: did the 99 have a rear fog light as standard? Was it only non-NA models or something?

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