Saab Rocker in ‘Drive’ and Test Track Pics

Those stuffer-uppers of BioPower stories, Drive (Fairfax Press, Aust), have a feature on car-themed Christmas presents and the Saab kids rocker gets a mention, amongst the Ferrari skis, Fiat jackets, and my personal favourite – the Mini slotcar set.


The rocker is $279 and available through Saab. I’ve seen one in person in Melbourne and they’re a great little piece of decorative furniture.


Via Autoblog:

AutoExpress have an article on Google Earth’s views of manufacturer’s test tracks around the world. Many of these are shrouded in secrecy at ground level but they can’t escape the eagle eye of the satellite.

There’s 10 or so of them there and they’re cool to check out. Below is the Fiat facility, the most impressive IMHO. What I’d give for a day and a few cars on this little baby!


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  1. So it’s just not me that have spent hours trying to find factories and test tracks in Google Earth… Maybe I’m not that crazy after all… 🙂

  2. Hey! Maybe the hood emblem will last on this one…
    GM has no pride letting the majority of Saabs that are older than a few years drive around with battered Saab logos. After all, it’s the company’s signature. What a beautiful image for potential new buyers !
    Some good news on this front is that new emblems are on the way to dealers (don’t know when) They have finally addressed this problem and will be using the same technique as for the wheel emblems. Of course, the catch is that they will be double the price.

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