Sab’s new Saab

Similar to what happened with the 9-5 in Nov/Dec, I think we might have an unofficial 900/9-3 month coming up……

If you’ve been hanging around the Saab community long enough, there’s a fair chance you’ve come across Steve B’s work – and it’s quite possible that you didn’t know it.

The Saab Car Club of Australia website or magazine….

Various logos and motifs for Saabnet and the Saab Owner’s Conventions…..

The November Saab O The Week calendar right here on Trollhattan Saab was an image of his awesome classic 900 – The Silver Sled. (you C900 nuts must check out the mods list – this is a 260hp 900 here).

He goes by the nickname “sab” in the forums he frequents as they’re not only close to his favoured car, they’re also his name’s initials.

Steve’s just added a new sled to the garage – a 2002 9-3 Aero. It’s only been there a few weeks and already the first mods are underway, with plans for plenty more. I’d never really checked these Aeros out much before, but they came pretty well kitted out with Viggen seats, the carbon-fibre dash facia from the Viggen (Oz market) as well as the color coded body kit.

With the new car comes an update to Steve’s website. There’s a huge section on his 900 as well as a new section for the 9-3 Aero.

Recommended reading.

A few pics of his new ride appear below. Click to enlarge.








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  1. Cheers for the post Steve! I am more than happy with the car… it still reeks of the classic 900 – very similar lines and feedback from the road, although probably not such raw power and noise :). I am looking forward to doing the new one up (performance wise) over the next yearish and will keep posted with updates!
    All the best for Chrissy! Hope Santa is kind with some Saab goodies!
    cheers again!

  2. Even though I myself have a 9-3 SE MY01 (with same color as yours, Steve), I more and more realize how good that NG900/OG9-3 looks. It still looks modern and fresh, and just screams Saab. I don’t get the same feeling about the 9-3SS at all. Hopefully it get’s a little better with the facelift next summer. Otherwise I don’t know what to buy… 🙂

    Well, Christmas is here (today is _the_ day in Sweden you know – not tomorrow). It’s a sunny morning, +8 C and the spring flowers is looking so beautiful in the garden… 🙂

    All the best to you and greetings from Scania, Sweden!

  3. I gotta admit I wasn’t too fond of the 900/9-3 shape until a few years ago. I think it’s aged pretty well and yeah, it’s definitely a Saab.

    ctm, you do your Christmas celebrating a day early over there?

  4. Yep, the 24 is the day with traditional food all day and Christmas presents in the evening. But both 25 and 26 are holidays as well. People spend them trying to loose weight again by either talking long walks or running around at the “mellandagsrean” – the big sale in every store that usually starts day after Christamas Eve. Lots of people (like myself) can get about two weeks of from work now.

    I’ll see if I can spend the rest of day _not_ visiting Trollhättan Saab… 🙂

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