Sales notes – November 2006

ctm passed on the following notes with regard to Saab sales for November 2006. The most notable ‘sleeper’ in the notes is the formidable rise in Spanish sales, which is a cause for celebration.

Thanks ctm for putting these together – much appreciated!

Some Saab sales snippets for November gathered from Swedish newspapers today… Comments are from Christer Nilsson, Saab PR guy.

Down 7.7% in November with 9.143 vehicles.
Up 6% for Jan-Nov with 121.312 vehicles (114.881 Jan-Nov 2005).
Some loss of sales in November due to delays in company cars orders, though it’s unknown if they mean worldwide, for Europe, or just for Sweden.

Up 13% for Jan-Nov with 81,074 vehicles.

Up 26% for Jan-Nov with 4,806 vehicles.
“Spain has this year passed Germany as our fourth biggest market.”
Diesel is credited for this rise. “70-80% of cars sold in Spain are diesel.” Also due to a good integration of Saab into the GM dealership network.

Down 8.7% for Jan-Nov with 4,420 vehicles (SW note – sold just 220 in November)
“We should be able to double the sale in Germany.”
There are hope that a new sales organisation should be able to get their act together. (SW note – It’s my understanding that Germany’s dealership network is expanding and updating over the next year or so – there’s huuuuuge updise potential here with the next 9-3 and 9-5)

Up 19.3% in November with 2,479 vehicles.
“Will not reach last year figures. Will end up with something like 35,000-36,000 vehicles.”

A small increase in sale for Jan-Nov, despite the record year of 2005.

Up 27% for Jan-Nov.

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  1. I say SAAB go into the Chinese market ! There’s got to be at least a few hundred thousand university professors with tweed coats (elbow patches) dying to drive Saabs …..

    So what’s your forecast of total 2006 sales, Swade ?

  2. It’s absurd that Saab isn’t doing well in the U.S. America should be Saab’s largest market.

    Look at MINI. Aside from Britain, America is that company’s second largest market. We’re talking a retro hatchback design.

    Saab should make more hay with its convertible. The model is both hot and versatile – universally marketable qualities that should appeal to car buyers. Plus there’s the GM 100K warranty.

    Frustrating situation, indeed.

  3. Just a gut-hunch, but if one has a take of up to 80% diesel in some markets and 0% in others(NA,SA,LA)it may be time to prioritize. I know for a fact theres a bunch of 50-somethings driving around in diesel VWs looking for an upgrade. Sorry I believe that GM has the emissions tech to meet the rigorous specs everyone else does. That innovative electric rear-drive would be a sweet option. The 95 needs to be a contender.
    Never see ads for Saab cars anymore…just dumass 97 BFJ…so lame.
    General, let the Swedish stepchild and GME out of the closet.

  4. Ken, I’m going just off memory here, but I believe global sales were somewhere around the same mark. For some reason the numbers 128,000 and 134,000 keep popping into my head. I’ve scoured the January archive but couldn’t find anything.

    140,000 looked well within range earlier this year. It’s a real shame.

  5. I think if SAAB advertised their market-leading safety rather than emphasising performance (Born from Jets) they might be able to sell more cars. I know safety is “boring”, but just think of all the soccer-moms you could get into SAAB sedans who would normally buy a big SUV for her kids’ safety.

    Born from Jets is cool and all, but anyone who’s serious about performance knows that SAAB’s RWD competitors (BMW, et. al.) have the leg-up in that department.

    VW in the States has been advertising safety lately, and they’re not even as safe as SAABs.

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