Saturday morning quick snippets

Have to be quick. Still have Christmas shopping to finish, and it’s the most crucial present of them all – the Mrs!


The Local
(Sweden’s news in English) reports:

“Ho ho ho!” may become “fire fire fire!” for Santa Claus impersonators seeking to wing it with fake facial hair, Swedish beard safety experts have warned.

I’m not sure what’s more alarming. The potential fire hazard or the fact that Sweden has “beard safety experts”.


Shouldn’t we have seen some MY2007 road test by now?


Recent mail included this guy’s impression of what the 9-3 SportCombi might have for a stance. Remember, MY2008, which we should get a first look at in June, will include some AWD action. This will no doubt make the 9-3SC the Team Saab Salomon vehicle of choice – and should win over quite a few others as well.

Not a spypic – just an impression. The obvious difference being the higher clearance, though it looks like some 9-3x front-end action might have been grafted on as well. Click to enlarge.



And for the Swedes missing their normal Christmassy whiteness, some pics from Christer at Saab Sweden to remind you how Sweden can look from time to time.

Yes, occasionally you see Saabs there….




Our 18-y.o returns from his six-month ’round-the-world adventure today.

I’m sure we’ll get to hear at least 25% of what he got up to.

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  1. Niiiiice.

    And I thought it was just Sweden who was safety-crazy (beard safety experts, come on! I thought that was going to turn out to be an article from the Swedish version of The Onion). I imagine all table corners have rubber bumpers there. That’s just one reason I love SAABs! 😉

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