Search for missing Saab Owner

As reported a few days ago, there’s a member of the SoCal Saab Club missing in Los Angeles. David Boone is presumed to have gone hiking on some trails adjoining his family home and hasn’t returned. His keys, wallet and other personal effect were left at home.

Recent reports indicate that the police have called off their search for Boone, but freinds are gathering for a search, as detailed by Jeff Long, one of David’s son’s friends, in comments to my initial report.

I know some SoCal Saab Club members check-in here, so here’s the details:

I’m a friend of one of David’s sons. The family is organizing a search party for David on Friday Dec. 15 @ 630am. If anyone can spread the word or help the search, it would be an amazing favor to the Boone’s. The following info can also be found at my URL:

6:30 Friday morning.

Walmart parking lot.
26502 Town Centre Drive.
Foothill Ranch, CA. 92610.

We will be walking thru bushes and fields.

Anyone else you can bring will be helpful.

Thank you.

I’m sure that any help people can give to the search will be really appreciated by the family. But if you’re going along, please ensure your your own safety as well.

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  1. Why are the police calling off the search? The police did not call of the search in Oregon at all, they continued indefinately until they found James Kim.

    This does not make sense.

  2. Ryan,

    James Kim was definitely an emergency case with his wife and kids located in a confirmed accident and him known to be walking in search for help in very trying conditions.

    Whilst this is 99% likely also a case with either accident or misadventure involved, it is also a case where a grown man in difficult circumstances, making his own decisions, has gone for a walk.

    I’d imagine the police consider that people sometimes choose to go missing under all sorts of circumstances, though it’s mentioned that this is most out of character for David.

    I’m not saying it’s right, but the police have other competing needs, I guess. I hope they find him.

  3. Actually, the Kims made a wrong turn and ran out of gas. They weren’t in an accident, but that’s beside the point. The difference between the two are several things:

    The Kims were in a car so they had their own shelter. It was known they were somewhere between the last place they had left and the Gold Coast in Oregon, so although it was a large search area, at least it was a search area. Also a text message sent to the Kims’ cell phone registered a “ping” on a cell tower in the vicinity of where they were stranded.

    David Boone just went missing without a car, without a bike, without his keys and wallet, just vanished. So the likely thinking is he went out for a hike on foot. After a week of temperatures dropping close to freezing at night, there’s unfortunately less hope for David coming out of it okay, as much as it pains me to say. Not that there’s NO hope, it’s just more unlikely than in the Kims case.

    I wish I could join in on the search tomorrow morning, but I have to work and I live a couple hours away from the search area.

  4. Have there been any updates to the search?

    It seems strange to simply assume he was hiking if ALL the items a man would normally take with him were left in the apartment such as wallet, cell phone, car keys. Did anyone ever confirm that any particular hiking footgear or water bottle were missing? It seems more a ‘trip to the dumpster’ errand.

    Even though he was fond of hiking and particularly fond of off-trail hiking, it seems strange that nothing has been found.

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