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Mark Ward’s electric Saab is one step closer, with the initial installation of the electric engine complete.


After some basic tests with the single twelve volt battery, it appears to spin, albeit not really fast. Of course now it is turning parts in the transmission, the pumps, the gears, etc., so I don’t expect much yet. About 3 quarts of transmission fluid was needed to make up for that which was lost and what was needed to fill up the transmission filter and cooler. I am pleased with the alignment on the adapter plate. There will be a worry for some time about any irregularities in the connecting hub causing vibration. I have no way to test this without higher voltage and won’t know for a while. Whatever it takes I WILL get it working right in the end.

Updates will follow as they come to hand. This is a fascinating project.


I entered the Viggen in Autoblog’s RR of the week competition during the week. It was a week focused on turbocharging and forced induction, but despite my and at least one other Viggen being entered, Saab has no representation. Perhaps they knew it’d be a forgone conclusion given the surge of votes that got the C900 Convertible over the line a few weeks ago.

If you’d like to vote, the most voteworthy car there IMHO is the Volvo P1800. Of course, it’s not a factory spec turbo (I’m quite sure that many of them aren’t), but it sure is pretty. And yes, it feels quite strange saying that about a Volvo.


The other snubbing I received this week seems to be from Saab USA. Perhaps it’s just because they know where I live, and that I couldn’t make it anyway. It’s still nice to be asked, though.

Ryan’s posted an event he received from them, which seems to be an invite to a press day in San Diego in February 07 where invitees can hang with Erik, Jan-Ake and the gang, and go for a spin in some classic Saabs.

It ain’t quite Talladega, but I’d gladly part with my lefty just to hang with Mr Saab for an hour.


Are there any Saabisti in Houston? I was over the moon to receive this email during the week from Scott H.

Like I said, “Buy the Saab You’ve always wanted – Getting the car you’re really happy with goes a long way towards your natural willingness and tendency to promote it.”

I have a ’97 900s (bought it 4 yrs ago) and have loved every minute of owning and driving it. This is/was my first Saab and since then I have been completely immersed in Saab info. Not surprising then that about 9 months ago, I came to your website……I am especially happy to report I took your “Promoter” blog seriously – (SW – link above) – and went out today and bought a new ’06 9-3 2.0t. I had planned on waiting until next spring to jump, but 4 grand and 0% interest is too good to pass up. You can’t wipe the smile off my face!

When I first pressed that gas pedal and realized, “this will be my drive from now on!”, I laughed out loud for joy. And my 23 yr old son, who now gets the 900 has a perma-smile as well. We’ll both be promoters and talk up the brand, guaranteed. Next step is to see about local clubs which I do not think exist here in Houston. Put out an advert for me, cause I don’t see one listed on any webpage.

I can’t tell you how proud I was to have written that post – straight from the heart – and have it reach someone. I’ve held that philosophy about driving something you really enjoy since the day I got my driver’s licence. Whilst it’s mostly been a matter of buying something I can afford, it’s also been a case of buying something I really want to drive, and can afford.

I don’t know of any Saab clubs in Houston, but if there’s anyone here that does then please drop me a line and I’ll pass the info on to Scott.

And Scott, I hope you and your son both enjoy your new rides. Congratulations!


Finally, tomorrow’s the big day when I exercise my rights as a citizen and defend myself against a speeding charge in court.

Should be interesting!

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  1. Swade, you are more than welcome to pass on my information to SAABUSA if they’re coming to San Diego :)! I’ll fork it over in a heartbeat.

    I’m sure they’ll feel lonely without a correspondent.

  2. Swade, re the speed ticket-don’t know the circumstances but having been there, play up the MTD – minimum Time in Danger- excuse – if you were overtaking at the time- you sped to be safe by spending least amount of time on wrong side of road.

    If you can add a rational, safety related reason to the caution, judges can take it board as a mitigating circumstance.

    If however you were just speeding, the good defence is that you were not near any other cars and keeping your distances -ie not endangering other road users- “only myself – which I regret your honour.”

    I guess we are waiting to hear if they do you mate!

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