Swedish Saab Sales – November 2006

Thanks to ctm for sending me the Swedish sales numbers for November 2006.

It was mixed news for Saab in November.

The 9-3, which is Saab’s strongest model in every other market, continues to stuggle in Sweden, as it has done for the last few months. They sold 783 Saab 9-3’s in Sweden in November 06, compared with 1,259 in the same month in 2005. That’s a 37% drop, which continues on from a 6.3% drop last month. Thankfully the 9-3 is still up by more than 20% for the year.

The Saab 9-5 continued it’s strong run through 2006 thank to the Biopower model. Saab Sweden sold 1,292 units of the 9-5 in November, a % rise compared to the 980 units sold in the same month last year. The 9-5 is up 26.4% over the year to date.

Something to watch will be the release of the 9-3 Biopower (when it happens). It’s bound to have an effect on 9-5 sales and the news of it coming is the likely cause of the slowing 9-3 sales we’re seeing now.

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  1. Not surprising the 9-3 is struggling in Sweden. The 9-5 offers Bio-power and that is clearly resonating with the Swedes. Hopefully the 9-3 refresh next year will include a E-85 engine.

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