Thatcham: Saab whoops Germans

Here’s a little bit of safety news, sent on to me by Carljohan.

There’s a group in the UK called The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. Somehow, from this formal name, they’re known as Thatcham. It’s a group of insurers that conducts various motor vehicle tests in order to provide each other and consumers with appropriate information about which are the safest.

They’ve recently conducted a bunch of whiplash tests and published their MY2006 Rear End Crash Report, which is available here in PDF form.

Sorry for the grainy image, but this sums it all up in a nutshell. If you’ve got a modern Saab with the SAHR safeseat then your neck should thank you. Check out the dummy’s neck on the Saab seat below, in comparison with the neck injury on the “Poor” rated conventional seat.


Whatever the Germans might be able to claim, the one area where they’re really lacking is in whiplash injury protection, which makes up a huge proportion of motoring-related injury with about 250,000 reports from British insurers per year.

Like other ratings agencies, Thatcham rates their results as either Good, Acceptable, Marginal or Poor.

For the record:

RHR = Reactive Head Restraint
PAHR = Proactive Head Restraint

Check these out. Click to enlarge.





Now there’s something you don’t see in BMW’s advertising. Unfortunately we don’t see it much in Saab’s advertising, either.

For the record, Volvo were all rated as Good as well.

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  1. Very good indeed, but i expekt the NEW 9-5 and 9-3 to have built-in-RHR in all five seats.
    My english is far from fluid but i hope you catch my drift 😛

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