The Contenders?

Saab USA are offering a brand new 9-5 Aero to anyone can prove that their running, one owner Saab has covered a genuine 1,000,000 miles.

I thought I’d go see who the possible contenders were to take out an award like this. The most obvious place for me to look is Saabnet’s high mileage page, which I hereby link to without prejudice 😉

These are the top ten on the list as at Christmas last year. Click to enlarge.


Two thinks emerge from this list.

Firstly, it looks like Saab USA’s stock of 9-5’s is fairly safe. Unless there’s some high-milers sitting in sheds somewhere that this list doesn’t know about I think Peter Gilbert’s going to have a truly unique 9-5. That ’89 Saab 900T might have a slim chance if the owner bought it new and has done a heck of a lot of driving in the last three years (i.e. since the mileage was updated on that page).

Second, Peter Gilbert covered a whopping 90,000 miles between May 2005 and the Saab Owner’s convention in August 2006. Whew!!

I tried the Saab Club of North America’s website but couldn’t find a high mileage register there.

I’m sure there are other high mileage registers out there too, but as this award is restricted to US owners I’ve not hunted them down. If anyone knows of a potential contender then feel free to clue us in using the comments section.

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  1. So, two things come to mind:

    Does this mean that people outside English-units-loving North America will have to get 1600000 kilometers for the offer?


    Vive le C900! Check it out!

    (Of course, in 10 years the list will be full of 9-3 or 9-5, I’m guessing.)

  2. Well, it’s an interesting list. Only one 9000 T does say something — if the models were there in proportion to sales, I think you’d see at least a couple more.

    I’m also surprised there aren’t more 99’s on the list. But given where 99’s were sold, I suspect their longevity is measured in km, not mi.

  3. Although I would love to believe they can, I don’t have faith in 9-3s and 9-5 to last even to 2 or 3 hundred thousand miles without lots of money poured into them 🙁

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