The luck of the Irish (part 2)

If you missed The luck of the Irish (part 1) then click here.

To cut a long story short, the Irish government are strong suuporters of ethanol and you can buy a 9-5 Biopower there for around 6,000 Euros less than a petrol version. The best suggestion for spending some of your savings is the Hirsch Biopower upgrade that will take your 9-5 from the 150hp petrol standard to a Biopower maximum 220hp.

In the process of looking up some information for that story, I wrote a quick email to Saab of Ireland and heard the following in reply:

The one advantage that we are awaiting conformation on is that business users will be able to reclaim their VAT on E85 (as they can on diesel, but not petrol.) When this confirmation comes through we will have an extremely strong offer for fleet business.

So not only do you get your car a heap cheaper, there’s a possibility that the VAT on the fuel (which is already about 20c per litre cheaper than regular gasoline) will be abolished as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Saab of Ireland sell nothing but 9-5 Biopowers until the 9-3 model arrives.


After that Luck of the Irish story, I also heard from someone who’s done the Hirsch job on his Biopower over there, with his description being “#$@! me, it’s quick!!”

That particular quote, with a picture of the car and the Hirsch possibilities, should be all over the front page of the Saab Ireland website, pronto.

Just an idea.

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